Web Conferencing

Web Conferencing

This page provides information on the Zoom video and web conferencing platform that will be used to conduct the the 5th International Symposium on Occupant Behaviour and IEA EBC Annex 79 meeting.

All participants wishing to attend these events are required to register. If you have not registered please complete the registration form before Sunday 12th April.

The 5th International Symposium on Occupant Behaviour and IEA EBC Annex 79 meeting will be conducted using Zoom video and web conferencing platform (https://www.zoom.us) hosted by the University of Southampton.

Log in

Participants should log in to the web conferencing platform 15-minutes before the start of the session. All participants will be required to provide their full name with institution in brackets. Attendees will be encouraged to share their camera; however, those that do not wish may use a profile picture instead. Multiple moderators will be online to assist where necessary.

Use of Zoom

Zoom can be used on a PC, Mac, tablet or mobile, where presenters and attendees will be able to communicate using the device microphone with text options available. If you have not used Zoom before, we will provide you with a link in an email. The meeting ID for each session will also be emailed to attendees prior to the meeting.

To ensure full functionality, it is recommended that participants download the Zoom app or plug-in where possible (https://zoom.us/download/). For those unable to download any plugins or software there is a zoom web client allowing one to join from browser. The web client functions best on google chrome however has limited features and so those wishing to join the Annex 79 meeting will be required to download the Zoom app. You can enter the meetings at any time to test your connection and install the app and/or plugin in advance of the events.

If you are unable to attend, the meeting will be recorded and those that logged-in post meeting will be automatically directed to a recording of the meeting.

Internet connection

In the event that one participant has a poor connection, that is causing issues a moderator will privately message the individual offering possible solutions. Where necessary moderators will also have the ability to restrict access and move to the next presentation.

Contact In case of issues during the conference, please email info@energyandcities.org to contact the conference organisers – multiple moderators will be online and will be happy to address your questions. In addition, a telephone number will be provided to registered participants who need to speak to the organising team directly.

Occupant Behaviour Symposium

The Symposium will use the webinar feature which provides functionality with which to actively control and change presentations for each session and manage questions using the ‘Q&A’ and ‘raise hand’ features. Two moderators will be on hand throughout the event to provide support and assistance during the webinars.


For those presenting at the Symposium we will be hosting a two-hour drop-in training session on the Friday afternoon before the event to test connection and the functionality of the software. Presenters are asked to send their presentations a week beforehand to the Symposium organisers, to be held locally. During the meeting, presenters will need to share their presentation on their screen. In case there is a problem, the host will use the local versions of the presentation for the meeting.

Please note the programme is structured to deliver the presentations within the allocated time slots. Please make sure that you do not go beyond your allotted time and allow time for questions where required. The moderators will be strict with the programme timing.


Attendees will be muted upon joining the webinar and will be able to raise questions either through the ‘Q&A’ or ‘raise hand’ function of the platform. The Q&A board will be moderated during the proceedings with answers given where appropriate. The ‘raise hand’ system will be used to take questions from the room where upon being selected the attendee will be granted permission to use their microphone to ask their question.

All those that join the meeting will initially join as an attendee and those presenting will be temporarily given presenter (panellist) permissions where they will be able to unmute and share their screen. These permissions will be altered between sessions by the moderators.

Annex 79 Meeting

The Annex 79 Meeting sessions will be run from a single Zoom meeting, with access provided via a meeting link emailed to registered participants. The subtask meetings will be run in parallel using the ‘Breakout Rooms’ functionality of the Zoom platform. Participants are required to download and install the Zoom app as users joining via the web client, Chromebooks/Chrome OS or Zoom Rooms are unable to join Breakout Rooms (https://support.zoom.us/hc/en-us/articles/115005769646).